Creating new stories, together

An experienced consultant, board member and leadership coach, Claire works with leading organisations and individuals, both as an advisor and as a coach.

She has spent the last two decades building and growing creatively and commercially successful content and digital businesses, working on some of TV’s best known global shows such as Idol, X Factor, Masterchef and Got Talent.

Throughout her career, Claire has focused on finding new and innovative ways of telling stories. This has led her to decades of exciting and fulfilling projects, from the production gallery of Pop Idol in Wembley to workshopping research techniques with teenage girls in Northern Nigeria. Claire is fascinated by the way narrative shapes awareness, behaviours and social norms. We are all the heroes of our own stories – and it is in exploring the stories of those around us that we can get to a better understanding of ourselves and others.

Find out about her coaching activity, board and advisory work, and speaking engagements. Read the blog to learn more about the power of stories. Or get in touch!