Coaching and Mentoring: A Guide to My Approach

At its core, coaching is a solution-focused practice that involves setting objectives and identifying ways to achieve them. A skilled coach will listen, ask questions, and challenge you to think about things differently.

As someone who has always enjoyed helping people develop, I have spent my career working as a manager, mentor, and now as a coach. I believe that everyone needs a safe space to make sense of their situation, ambitions, and expectations without judgment or preconceptions. While my sisters might joke that what I really like is to give advice about everything, I believe that we all benefit from a supportive environment that allows us to plan for the future.

Emerging leaders

I have a particular focus on emerging leaders, especially women who are navigating a male-dominated industry. I draw on my own experiences building a career in media and my work with Girl Effect, a gender equality NGO that exposed me to behavior change theory and the importance of creating the right conditions for change to take place.

Imposter syndrome is a common challenge for emerging leaders, especially those who feel like they don’t belong or aren’t qualified. As a coach, I help clients recognise and overcome imposter syndrome by guiding them through exercises and tools that build confidence and develop their unique leadership style.

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Story-led coaching

As a media professional, I also believe that stories are essential to our experience of leadership and change. Great leaders are always great storytellers, and I have developed a coaching approach that centres around understanding and refining our stories.

Story-led coaching is a coaching approach that places a strong emphasis on the power of storytelling in personal and professional development. This approach recognises that people often have an internal narrative that influences their beliefs, values, and behaviors, and that this narrative is shaped by the stories they tell themselves and others.

The process of story-led coaching involves a variety of tools and techniques, including storytelling exercises, visualisation techniques, role play and reflective practices. I may use prompts and questions to encourage you to explore your story in more depth and identify patterns or themes that may be relevant to your personal or professional development.

Ultimately, the goal of story-led coaching is to help you gain greater insight into your own narrative and use this insight to create positive change in your lives.

Working with me

In working with me, you can expect a tailored approach that meets your specific needs, whether that involves intense, weekly sessions focused on a specific goal or ongoing monthly sessions to refine and adapt. I work with individuals and teams, in person or via Zoom, and can help you navigate work or life concerns, or a bit of both. As an ICF-certified coach, I am committed to ongoing professional development and am always focused on you and your goals.

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