Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is very much a solution-focused practice. It’s about defining an objective, and then identifying a way to get there. A good coach will listen and ask questions, but also be prepared to challenge you, to help you think about things differently.

I love working with people and help them develop. This is something I have done throughout my career, as a manager, as a mentor, and now as a coach. I believe that we all need a safe space to make sense of our situation, ambition and expectations, to plan for the future in a way that is free of judgment or preconceptions. (My sisters say that’s because I like to give advice about everything all the time. But what do they know? Nothing, that’s what!)

Female leaders

I have a particular focus in working with female leaders, both as an executive coach and as a life coach. Of course, this leverages my own experience of building a career in a male-dominated environment. But it’s also heavily based on the work I discovered when running gender equality NGO Girl Effect: behaviour change theory, and more specifically what is needed to create the right conditions for change to take place.

I work with female leaders one-to-one or as group workshops, and I also run workshops for male leaders who want to become better at managing, developing and leading their female executives. From body language to vocabulary, communication style and how to give constructive feedback, I have developed a set of tools and exercises that are eye-opening, efficient and sometimes even fun!

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The Power of Stories – Introduction

I spend my entire childhood lost in stories. I read voraciously, and I watched everything I could on TV. In a world that I had very little control over, stories became the imaginary place that fed me the emotional connections I needed. To give you a sense of how strong this emotional bond was: I remember…

Story-led coaching

I come to coaching after after a 20-year career in media, and I took media and storytelling with me on this journey.

Stories are the centre of our experience of leadership and change – whether it is the narrative we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others, or how we listen to other people’s stories. Great leaders are always great storytellers: from Greta Thunberg to Nelson Mandela, from Winston Churchill to Megan Rapinoe, it is through stories, images, narratives – not facts and figures – that the most inspiring people we know succeed in energising us and driving us to action.

My coaching centres around understanding and refining our stories – whether it is to develop a more mature leadership style, to settle in a new role, to understand other perspectives or to deliver complex messages and presentations more confidently. I call it Story-Led Coaching. Check out my blog for examples of how it may apply to some of challenges you face.

Working with me

I work in different ways with different people – from very intense bursts where we meet every week and work on a specific task or goal, to ongoing relationships where we have monthly sessions to refine and adapt. I can work with teams, or prepare you for a big public engagement, or I can be a life coach and work with you on finding the right balance in your everyday life. I work in French and English, in person or via Zoom. I can help you think about work problems, or life concerns, or a bit of both. I am ICF-certified, and am continuing my professional development as a coach on an ongoing basis.

What doesn’t change is my focus on you – your story, your goals, your narrative to yourself and others.

Blog: The Power of Stories


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