Board and advisory work

I have spent the last two (or is it three?) decades building and growing creatively and commercially successful content and digital businesses, working on some of TV’s best known global shows such as Idol, X Factor, Masterchef and Got Talent.

Today I sit on the Board of Directors of the BBFC, and I am the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Charity Digital. I am a mentor for UK-based seed fund Ascension Ventures and an Advisor-In-Residence for advisory collective PXI.

I also consult with a number of media organisations, large and small, as well as media-focused charities. A lot of my work centres around integrating digital thinking into the core of content-driven organisations. Let’s move away from digital strategy! As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur* once told me (with the appropriate level of contempt for mere mortals such as me): “A digital strategy is irrelevant. Digital is not a ‘thing’, it is just another pipe. Have a strategy, and then plug in digital thinking alongside your other implementation vehicles.”

* How did you picture that Silicon Valley entrepreneur in your head? In fact she was female, and Middle-Eastern. Unconscious bias is real.

The BBFC is the UK’s content age rating agency. Working as an independent, self-financing and not-for-profit media content regulator, the BBFC operates transparent, consistent and trusted co-regulatory and self-regulatory classification and labelling systems in the UK.

I joined the Board of Directors of the BBFC in early 2020. I also chair the Remuneration Committee and sit on the Artificial Intelligence Committee

Charity Digital partners with leading technology providers to deliver the UK’s only software donation platform, Charity Digital Exchange. Its services improve digital awareness and access, connect charities to the digital expertise and talent they need, and raise the bar for digital skills and understanding for non-profit organisations of all kinds.

To date, Charity Digital has helped over 400,000 charity professionals learn about digital transformation and enabled over 68,000 to save in excess of £260 million on technology investments.

I joined Charity Digital as a Trustee in 2019 and became the Chair of the Board in 2020.