Board and advisory work

Claire is on the Board of Directors of the BBFC, and is the Chair of the Board of Trustees at Sour Lemons and Charity Digital. See below for some additional information on her roles and the organisations she works with.

Claire also consults with a number of media organisations, with a focus on digital strategy. She is a mentor for UK-based seed fund Ascension Ventures.

The BBFC is the UK’s content age rating agency. Working as an independent, self-financing and not-for-profit media content regulator, the BBFC operates transparent, consistent and trusted co-regulatory and self-regulatory classification and labelling systems in the UK.

Claire joined the Board of Directors of the BBFC in early 2020. She also chairs the Remuneration Committee and sits on the Artificial Intelligence Committee

Founded by Sade Banks, Sour Lemons works to dismantle systemic racism in the arts and cultural sector in the UK. Sour Lemons recently announced a ground-breaking partnership with Young Vic and Royal Court Theatre.

Claire joined as Chair in September 2019 and works closely with Sade and the board to develop Sour Lemons’ reach and impact.

Charity Digital, formerly known as Tech Trust, helps other charities be more digital through inspiring content, access to the UK’s only discounted and donated technology.

Claire joined Charity Digital as a Trustee in 2019 and became the Chair of the Board in 2020.